Your kindle software is updating

Using Amazon’s App Store on the Kindle, search for “file explorer” to see what third-party apps might help in this situation.I chose Andro Xplorer, which was free, and installed it.With this app, or any other comparable file explorer software, it’s simply a matter of copying the update file from the Downloads folder to the Kindle Updates folder on the Fire.

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The latest "critical" software update for the Kindle needs to be installed by 22 March.

If users don't update in time, they'll get an error message when they switch their devices on and will be unable to connect to the internet, preventing them from syncing their Kindles or downloading any new books.

Tap the link to download the 182 MB file to your Fire, which will place it in the Downloads folder.

Unfortunately, the update file needs to be in the Kindle Updates folder on the device; that’s where a file explorer application comes in handy.

You can also customize which icons appear in the carousel.