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He’s competed in multiple games including Evolve and Counter Strike, where at a young age he began playing with a top team.

Another player who is familiar with playing with top teams is Lo A.

The team will be competing in their first major tournament together at the end of April for the Gamers Assembly in Poitier, France. 15, 2017) – Hard to believe all the changes that can happen over the course of a few months. You may have heard rumors, but we are excited to finally (& officially) announce that not only will Valmaster continue his career with Team YP – Street Fighter IV, he has also decided to pursue a career in Overwatch with Team YP.

Follow them on twitter or twitch to keep up to date with the latest news. The Overwatch league went through a big re-structure, and Valmaster is now on Team YP Overwatch. He will be playing alongside Nightwane- Team YP veteran, who will continue to lead the crew as captain of the team.

However, the new sponsor likely prevent the team from being able to enter official Riot Games events like the Challenger Series and LCS.