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The self-proclaimed founder of the alt-right, Richard Spencer, is a well-known white supremacist.

Alt-right journalist Lucian Wintrich, a writer for The Gateway Pundit, sparked outcry when he flashed the symbol in a similar picture at the White House in February.

That said, let me invoke the slogan and pointedly observe that a certain ... And after the show one of the waitresses came back to my hotel. We were making out, in my hotel, and she's into it, she's like humping me. And then the next night I saw her at the club and she goes, “Hey, what happened last night? I was really into it.” I was like, “W-why did you keep stopping me?

So I start to put my hand up her shirt and she stops me. So then we're making out more, and I start to put my hand on her ass, and she stops me. ” And she goes, “Because I wanted you to just gives me the Cold Spooky every time I watch it. If you're not familiar with CK, I should underline that he affects a kind of Dopey Middle-Aged White Guy persona, but his cultural politics are not-so-secretly smart and sharply observed.

Charge Nurse Maggie Lockwood once described him as "a slightly anal, overly stubborn, rule breaking, control freak".

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    25-year-old Andras Janos Vass (pictured) was convicted of human trafficking and racketeering by a jury in Florida last Thursday.

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    Northumbria Police deployed the man, who can be identified only as XY, to infiltrate the gangs who were hosting parties where underage girls were attacked and plied with drugs.

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