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His chances with this girl were dead as was any future chances with any of her friends or most girls he knew within the area code.

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Women who dont call after dating

I’ve got this friend who’s a little bit of a player (I swear, it’s not me! He goes on a lot of dates and while he generally manages to have fun, 99% of the time, he talks about the women like they’re expiring milk: temporary commodities with a week-long half-life “She’s really cute, but doesn’t have much to say”, “She’s cool, but there’s no chemistry”. I can’t think of many situations in the universe where it’s considered a good idea to make things more complex than they already are, but somehow the theory still goes that you should play hard to get. If Jeff goes out with Kim and they both have an amazing time, it’s absolutely, positively, 100% encouraged and understood that he should call her the next day.

“She’s really into me, but I’m not sure how I feel.” That kinda stuff. I can’t wait to see her again.” And he did what guys do when they’re into women: he called her the next day to tell her he had a good time. Insecure people who play games are like insecure people who lie in their profiles; they don’t feel confident enough in the truth to allow it to surface. Or women wait two days to return his call in return. And after he calls, she’ll comment to her friends how sweet and thoughtful he was for calling the next day.

Except there’s something a little bit different about how you view the men in your life.

The guy you once looked at with a bit of resentment for not calling doesn’t look like as big of a jerk.

Why endure the heartache and waste his and some poor girl's time by starting something that most likely wouldn’t work out anyway?