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He was educated, very nice, and charming,” she said.

Shortly after connecting with Banks on the popular dating website, she started getting an uneasy feeling about him.

The deeply religious women thought Banks was the real deal.

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Ronnie began to settle once he was moved out of the standard prison system, where he had been misunderstood, attacked by prison officers and goaded into fighting other inmates.

• Letters shed new light on Kray twins scandal "Once Ronnie moved to Broadmoor," Flanagan recalls, "he was much happier.

I believed him.”After a month of talking on the phone, she invited him over to watch a movie. She gave her account in court, saying, “Sean put his hand tighly around my neck and told me that it was crazy to him that with just one twist you could snap someone's neck and kill them.”Then, he took her into her bedroom and raped her.

Incredibly after the crime, Banks texted the victim from outside her apartment claiming he had never arrived in hopes of establishing an alibi.“That's when I got angry.

You could decorate your own room and, as you can imagine, Ronnie’s room was absolutely spotless.