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Mc Innis first noticed the post when it was shared by a friend.

She spoke to the RCMP detachment in Enfield and was told to report it to the Halifax Regional Police.

He was charged with two counts of mischief causing damage to private property, uttering a death threat, breaching probation, and causing a public disturbance by fighting, screaming and swearing.

He said he would always feel this way because of the way he has been treated by the opposite sex.

His post, which has since been deleted, was shared by Tessa Mc Innis of Enfield, accompanied by a warning about him.

Other media articles have detailed the criminal record of a Brandon Jay Barnaby of the same age.

Most recently, Barnaby was to be sentenced in January 2017 after he pleaded guilty in Halifax provincial court to an incident in Wentworth.

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