Windows xp security event log not updating how to celebrate dating anniversary

Perhaps this log and event management tool's most interesting ability is to take corrective action, for example by restarting services, or isolating the source of a maleware attack.Yet perhaps the killer reason why people use LEM is for its compliance capability, with a little help from you, it will ensure that your organization complies with industry standards such as CISP or FERPA.LEM is a really smart application that can make correlations between data in different logs, then use its built-in logic to take corrective action, to restart services, or thwart potential security breaches - give LEM a whirl.

♦ I like to press Winkey w, because this launches the Search box, and crucially, the focus is on Settings (rather than Apps). The biggest change Microsoft made to the Event Viewer came between XP and Vista with the introduction of the three pane interface.

Windows 7, and now Windows 8 have merely refined the interface and extended the range of logs that you can interrogate.

Another reason is that ordinary users maybe confused rather than helped by their output.

My aim in this section is to give you specific examples of what you can achieve with the Windows 8 Event Viewer.1) Save crucial event filters as custom views that you can reuse I recommend that you create views of events across multiple logs, for example create a Custom View of all events containing 'Event Sources: Disk' in either the System or the Application log.

The 'Forwarded Events' log is used to collect events on other computers, you can specify the details via the Subscriptions menu. LEM will alert you to problems such as when a key application on a particular server is unavailable.