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There’s nothing wrong with us being hopeless romantics– we’re supposed to be. But he says that our expectations can get really out of hand, and he’s right.

I don’t know what I did or who said a prayer, but man, I hit the lotto. He says that women look for all of these perfect things that guys are supposed to do and be and say and that we’re hopeless romantics. I literally look at fabrics and I like to find new street artists to do stuff. Everybody asked for that drink and the next morning I woke up with a piece of paper on the side of my face.

Unless you give me the eye like [UNKNOWN] Like you never existed. Now you're married, you don't even have to deal with all of that. And I'm just so happy that I got to meet with the director in [UNKNOWN] and we were just going back and forth, and she's just brilliant, and I'm so happy that I got a chance to work with her, she set the whole tone and pace of the set, and she made it super peaceful.

But if you start to waste my time, and I'm feeling like you're wasting my time.

Yeah, I just, I wasn't into wasting my time nor anyone else's.