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The insinuation -- she's just trying to get her name in headlines.

To that point, our Z-Ro sources point out Brittany bragged she was trending on social media ... However, when we asked about the 21 minute recording police say Brittany has of the incident -- we were told Z-Ro hasn't heard it, and won't speak about it.

However, the company is demanding the actress drop the charges, which she reportedly agreed to do five days after she received the payment. Rapper Z-RO was arrested on felony assault charges, but he claims his rapper girlfriend Just Brittany, who stars on VH1’s new show “Signed,” had him arrested as a publicity stunt to get her name in the headlines.

They claim she’s only dragging it out for no other reason than a final publicity stunt. Souces tell TMZ the timing of Brittany going to the cops is suspscious and doesn’t add up.

They join a long list of couples who have called it quits during a pregnancy.

From quarterback Tom Brady and model Bridget Moynahan to Kevin Federline and Shar Jackson, famous duos from all arenas of Hollywood have surprisingly ended things before welcoming a new baby.

Shar hasn't responded to the accusations directly, but she has been posting subliminals on social media: Prayers up that they can work this out for the sake of the little girl who's at the center of it all. Jenifer Lewis scored a win and a huge payout from LA Fitness after she accused the company of hiring a con-artist that swindled her out of $50,000, according to The Jasmine Brand.