Who is ramona from mob wives dating

She's able to clarify that this dinner is for pleasure, and Storm feels that they can be successful business partners and still have fun together if they keep the business with the business and the pleasure with the pleasure.He seems to be very good at "the pleasure" because he tells Karen that he's "playing the field like Derek Jeter." The two then get into a terrible sexually charged conversation about baseball.Carla hopes that Ang is right about Renee, and she hopes all of the other ladies follow suit. Karen shares her plans to go to Arizona to confront Dave and tell him her feelings.

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Love can't believe how calm Karen is about the situation.

If it were her, she'd kill Dave AND his girlfriend and bury them both under a cactus.

The biggest announcement came in the form of Ramona Rizzo's engagement!

Big Ang was once again the voice of reason, and there was still no love lost between Renee Grazziano and Carla Facciolo!

Drita and Ang are going to pick up the new rims for her car tires.