Who is otep shamaya dating

Otep is an American heavy metal band from Los Angeles, California, formed in 2000.

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Some I remember in the Wendy-O vein: ROMEO VOIDX-RAY SPECSSOUIXIE AND THE BANSHEESTHE WAITRESSESAnd who could forget Patty Smith, The Cramps, or Sonic youth?? Emily Whitehurst the former lead singer of Tsunami Bomb who now sings in a band called The Action Design frickin' kicks @$$, takes names, and then turns 'em into heiroglyphic symbols! I bought it as a Christmas present to myself and man.. While I personally dont agree with a couple of the choices I cant comment on them in the book just yet as I have only got to Tina Turner!! Do your own thing ..personally, i'm tired of repitition. She still rocks like hell but is a bit more electronic/dancy check out her my space page or you tube vids.

I do think that the singer in Kittie is good and quite talented. Candace Night From Blackmore's Night has a amazing voice, she kind of has that mysterious Stevie Nicks appeal to her...first started with backing vocals For Deep Purple and her and Richie Blackmore Teamed up and formed Blackmore's Night , great band!

I think the closest she's ever had to a love song was something dedicated to Satan - lol.