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One benefit of this arrangement is that it imposes an artificial cap on all other salaries paid to employees at Sports Direct.” Mr Blue’s evidence also claims that, “Mr Ashley was like no other client that anyone at Merrill Lynch had ever come across.” His £15m deal was allegedly sealed during one of the boozy meetings he alleges were a normal part of the Sports Direct culture.

During one such meeting Mr Ashley is said to have drunk 12 pints of lager, each followed by a vodka chaser, before vomiting into a pub fireplace, to the applause of his senior management team.

Mr Ashley also allegedly paid Mr Forsey a further £5m in secret after the sportswear chain floated on the stock market in 2007, the Last year, Mr Ashley was found to have paid Sports Direct warehouse workers less than minimum wage.

MPs accused the company of overseeing “Victorian workhouse” conditions at its distribution centre.

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