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The thing about it is there's no external factor, so you are responsible for everything. It tears your ego down, which I think is good." She has, she says, been chastened by this new lifestyle where, on her trips to India, she'll find herself "in the back of a coach in the middle seat for like an 18-hour stretch, and in monasteries where you sleep on the floor on a sack, in a place with no running water and no toilets.

Seeing the depth of poverty, and seeing people's limitless capacity for spirituality in that situation, and the void of spirituality back home, it takes some adjustment.

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When she's not recording or touring or on her annual Buddhist pilgrimage to India, lang is likely to be found immersing herself in domestic duties ("I love cleaning.

I'm a very good housewife"), painting landscapes and looking after her elderly dog.

Today, however, she offers a different explanation.

"If I'm being honest, it was because I had become a student of Buddhism.

lang has long refuted the idea that her songs are autobiographical, but when I remark on the album's upbeat mood, she concedes: "Well, yes, I'm in a very good space at the moment.