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I won’t get certain things because people will be like, ‘Oh, people are gonna think she has this because of John’ so let’s just not give it to me.” Nikki Bella says that she will want to conduct business with someone at an event and they will instead want to talk to John Cena.

She said that it makes her laugh to hear people accuse her of having it easier in the WWE because she is with John Cena.

because it's "family." Cena and his fiancee Nikki Bella were leaving…

READ MORE With reports that Bradley Cooper has been offered to play the role of Vince Mc Mahon in an upcoming biopic, we asked John Cena the most important question about the movie ... READ MORE John Cena and Nikki Bella started down the road to marriage when they were both doped up for surgeries.

But through it all, they've managed to stay together, working through their own problems and the inevitable drama in the ring. That's still very much up in the air, especially with the news that Cena will likely need shoulder surgery and may even miss Wrestle Mania.

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