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Director Denis Villeneuve’s thriller really felt like a satisfying, whole piece, and the film’s rich thematic subtext—from America’s foreign policy with regards to violence to what it’s like to be a woman in a man’s world—offered more than enough reason to return for repeating viewings.

Regardless, the puzzle: star Emily Blunt and Villeneuve. The story picks up with the same male characters that were in , which was Josh [Brolin] and Benicio [Del Toro].

But after 10 years of working as a covert operative, Michael lived every spy's worst nightmare.

While in the middle of a dangerous mission in Nigeria, Michael learned he'd been burned.

Indeed, the follow-up continues on without Blunt’s character, with Benicio Del Toro’s hitman and Josh Brolin’s CIA operative instead taking the lead, while Stefano Sollima—who helmed the TV series was one of the best films, in the last five years, that I’ve seen. Emily Blunt’s character is not in it, but my character, Forsing, is also brought back.