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I was familiar with New York because I was signed to Island Def Jam, so I came here all the time. That is so hard and I know it sounds cheesy but I just don’t think anyone’s hotter than Eric. He does more than what I thought he was ever capable of and I thought he was going to be amazing.I was excited to come back in a way even though I never lived here. Even if I didn’t know Eric I still think he would be my celebrity crush. He’ll change every diaper, he’ll try to get up in the middle of the night but I’m like, “Babe you have practice tomorrow, no!I’d probably walk in there and wouldn’t know what to do.

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As you can see Viv is so happy.” Eric and I are so excited to share with y'all that we are expecting baby Decker number 3!

Jessie James Decker thinks "we've got serious problems" if people were upset with her for calling her NFL star husband "big dick decker" on social media while celebrating a touchdown.

He would be very bored." Despite their fame, Jessie James said they keep their romance alive by avoiding a glamorous lifestyle in favor of quality time together at home.

"We love to pour a bowl of cereal and watch TV together like 'Naked and Afraid' because we like to try and put ourselves in that position and be like, 'Could we survive?

I like being Southern, I like going to Cracker Barrel — I mean that’s just how I am.