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The feud between Chelsea Handler and Heather Mc Donald continued to escalate following Mc Donald’s latest round of comments.

While the two have exchanged heated words over the past week, including accusations of slavery and threatening texts, their feud has been bizarre to say the least.

Following their war of words, Mc Donald claims that Handler cut ties with her and did not allow her to fully explain herself.

Apparently, Mc Donald tried twice to make amends with Handler, only to be rebuffed on both occasions.

Despite this betrayal of trust, Handler kept Mc Donald on her show. In another podcast a month ago, Mc Donald discussed Handler’s relationship with Chuy Bravo.

At the same time, Handler also dished on Mc Donald’s comments about living in fear. Shockingly, Mc Donald accused Handler of treating Bravo like a slave and how his status as a little person had a lot to do with his work with Handler.

With that in mind, what is really going on between the former friends? During her talk, Mc Donald revealed that she “100 percent lived in fear” during her time on Handler’s show. I think she’s a good person, I don’t agree with how she treats relationships in her life.” In response to Mc Donald’s comments, Handler stated that she had good reasons for treating Mc Donald the way she did. Because if you’re that fearful — she was taking clothes out of my closet every other day.