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I love Robin Williams and his approach and life he brings to any role he plays, but was wondering what are his top 10 movies yet?I haven't seen a lot of his movies, so a little help plz?We would look at Twitter and Facebook pictures to get a more accurate look at their hair. Just a little Garnier pure clean hair paste and finish it off with hair spray.” In case you are wondering, Gauntt uses Suave Professionals Men 2-in-1 Shampoo Conditioner, Alpine Fresh 12.6 oz. It is worth mentioning someone who didn’t quite make the top two in Alabama – Jim Abath. This Arizona State University graduate has brought the heat of the Sun Devils to the snow covered state of Alaska. Twitter: @bessigktuu Okay, now before you start sending us mean tweets and hateful e-mail, we need to explain ourselves.

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Whelan’s hair looks like something you could get lost in – and be completely okay with. While scientists can’t figure out exactly why, most hypothesize that God is blessing all that gaze upon his mane by adding a little breeze for effect. (We made sure to look at other pictures before we made the final decision). You should follow him on Twitter and support Phoenix’s economy and literacy… Twitter: @ronhoonfox10 Before we begin, you should sit down and make sure there is some cool water within arms reach. Twitter: @joedanareports Nick Ciletti almost made it on our list this year, but missed the mark . Sure, Trager’s youth is definitely helping his hair game, but we aren’t one to discriminate on age. He was probably too busy fending off the hair paparazzi.

It also looks like something we should stuff pillows with. Alright, that’s too far – but you get the point, right? While we were unable to reach Joe Whelan for comment, we are sure he is overly thrilled to take home the gold for Alabama. An Alabama native, Gauntt has worked all around the south and is currently a reporter for the Fox6 News team. Joe Dana’s hair and piercing eyes may make you feel something you haven’t felt… He’s clearly killing the whole “dark-and-handsome-with-piercing-eyes-and-perfect-hair-thing.” Joe Dana is an anchor and investigative reporter for 12 News in Phoenix. His hair’s publicist did not respond to our e-mail, and unlike the other candidates on our list, we think Dana is not excited about this honor, rather, he’s not surprised. You can follow him on Twitter where his description reads, “Newsman, son, brother, friend, peacemaker, peacekeeper, kentuckian, hammer bringer.” Twitter: @Kevinat11 From his hair you would assume that he is the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, enjoys yachting, and has two children named Buckley and Brinsley. Instead he is the consumer affairs reporter for ABC 7 in Arkansas, enjoys fishing, and has two children named Spencer Everett and Shelby Faith.

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It’s the biggest and most prestigious award in news: “Best Hair” by: Get Good Last year we presented the 25 Local News Men with Great Hair!

This year we are doing something a little different.