When did hilary duff start dating mike

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Speaking shortly after their break-up, Hilary revealed that there was no "bad blood" between them.

"It wasn't working well enough to stay together, but there was still a lot of love involved," she explained to .

"Well, you're going to see some of [what went wrong] on the end of the season," she revealed.

"I'm very protective of Scheana, and with what went down last year -- you know, what she talked about [with Mike's] addiction -- I felt really quite incensed because I have a lot of sympathy for people with addiction." "I was a little upset with the fact they entered into this marriage without [Scheana] being aware of what she was taking on," Vanderpump continued.

It has since been reported that the 29-year-old actress has rekindled her relationship with her former partner, personal trainer Jason Walsh.