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This is easy to do by lining up the waveforms (there are other ways, but this is fast with one track).

I walk through Premiere in more detail, in the video at the top of this post.

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Unfortunately I’m lazy and usually end up just going direct-in to Logic and tweaking with the Amplifier plugin until I’m happy. But again, for me it’s all about speed—lugging the amp into position and getting the tone adds too much time.

If you compare my recordings to others, you may find them to be more heavily processed.

This isn’t intentional; the heavy-handedness is a result of my spotty knowledge of how best to combine the effects. On the video side, I will bring in all the different angles I shot into Adobe Premiere.

Usually I have 3-4, and probably have 2x takes in each location.

However there are so many out there I was hoping people on the forum that have a decent webcam that they use could give me some suggestions, or at least give me an idea of what specs I need to make sure the one I will buy has.

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