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well, as Arthur Miller said, ' It comes with the territory.'" Beatty added, "I always knew I wanted to have children.

I wanted to do it well, and I wanted to do it with someone who felt the same way.

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When he was shooting 1974’s “The Parallax View,” for example, his trailer had a steady stream of female admirers coming and going.

An intern on the film recalled being surprised that “some of the girls outside Beatty’s trailer who got past the door were not particularly attractive, especially since Julie Christie, who was doing ‘Uncle Vanya’ on Broadway, was flying in to spend every weekend with him.

“I looked across the room and found him admiring himself in the mirror . “We would taunt him, say things to make him uncomfortable. He was a perfect target, because he played the befuddled old man with her: ‘Wha? “Why he sat still for this kind of treatment remains a mystery. He would tell director Glenn Gordon Caron a few years later, ‘Never, ever f- – – your leading lady. A primordial yelp of love, lust, desire, enthusiasm, a sound that one would expect a starving man to make at the prospect of finally being able to devour a huge and delicious meal.

And if you do, don’t stop till the picture’s finished.’ ” ANNETTE BENING Barry Levinson’s 1991 movie “Bugsy” is probably best known as the movie that domesticated Warren Beatty. I realized that without question the role was already now settled,” Toback tells the author. How did Bening succeed in taming the actor where so many others had failed?

“He offered to introduce her to Adjani, saying, ‘We were both talking about you while lying in bed last night.’ Adjani told her, ‘You are very beautiful.’ But it wasn’t until Beatty added, ‘We were both hoping you would like to join us for dinner this evening, just the three of us,’ that the flashbulb went off: ‘I sure as hell knew a ménage-à-troiserino when I saw one,’ she thought.” Drescher turned down the offer.