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As a result, typed XML data replaces previously untyped XML data. Load(reader) ' Make an invalid change to the first and last ' price elements in the XML document, and write ' the Xml Schema Info values assigned to the price ' element during load validation to the console.

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Combining diagnosis and AED prescription codes had a sensitivity of 84% (95% ci 77–90) and specificity of 98% (95–100) in identifying people with epilepsy; diagnosis codes alone had a sensitivity of 86% (80–91) and a specificity of 97% (92–99); and AED prescription codes alone achieved a sensitivity of 92% (70–83) and a specificity of 73% (65–80).

Using AED codes only was more accurate in children achieving a sensitivity of 88% (75–95) and specificity of 98% (88–100).

Validation errors are handled by the Validation Event Handler.

You are notified about all schema validation errors found while validating the XML data as it is being loaded, or when validating a previously unvalidated XML document.

Note The XML data is loaded into the DOM despite schema validation errors unless your Validation Event Handler raises an exception to stop the process.