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The doctors and nurses eventually determined I was a threat to myself or others and the green light was given to find me a bed.

I was lucky, beds aren’t always available, as the Deeds’ family tragedy recently and unfortunately proved.

You are the expert when it comes to psychiatry, Dr. You expressed the same sadness that so many in this world share over the injustice mentally ill people experience when they expose their conditions. Well, I still do, but first I’ve started self-publishing online, to gain experience.

I was looking for justification that it would be okay if I wrote openly about what I had been through, but I didn’t get that from you. I have a blog, and over the past two years my readership has grown tremendously, all organically, due to my dedication to sharing my story in order to help others.

Seven years ago this August, I left your office with my husband, round belly bulging with my nearly full-term first child, cursing your name.