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Zeller Here, we first expand on each of these seven reconstruction steps (Figure 2), based on the experience accumulated during the decade-long reconstruction process, when completing or guiding the reconstructions: Implicit in this first step is that the spatial entity be identified and named that is to be reported on (e.g., EEZ of Germany in the Baltic Sea).

For most countries, the baseline data are the statistics reported by member countries to FAO.

Note: This site is maintained to provide links for the over 48,000 references from 1999 to April 29, 2016 on the internet to gov/file_name.

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In other words, we treat all countries recognized in 2010 by the international community (or acting like independent entities with regards to fisheries, e.g., the divided island of Cyprus; Ulman 2014) as having existed from 1950-2010.