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When writing a validation function, you’ll want to name it like a question (examples: is_phone, is_available, is_us_zipcode). By using validation we can ensure we’re accepting only valid zip codes.

The function should return a boolean, either true or false, depending on whether the data is valid or not. First you need to write a function to validate a U. zip codes: Top ↑ Say you’re going to query the database for some posts, and you want to give the user the ability to sort the query results.

‘ function checks if the pattern specified in the regular expression exists in the second argument value, which is a string value.

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In the code below, we have passed two argument values to this function.

The first argument value is our website URL while the second one is a predefined constant.

Since this is a beginner’s post on basic validation and sanitization, you’ll want to learn more about keeping your site secure.

As Master Yoda says, “Much to learn, you still have.” Validating user input is the first and one of the most important steps to securing your site.

This field is mandatory.’ will be displayed, as shown in the screenshot below.