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Track 4: Auto Antibodies Auto-antibody is an antibody formed in response to, and reacting against, an antigenic constituent of the individual's own tissues.

Several mechanisms may trigger the production of autoantibodies: an antigen, formed during fetal development and then sequestered, may be released as a result of infection, chemical exposure or trauma, as occurs in autoimmune thyroiditis, sympathetic uveitis and aspermia; there may be disorders of immune regulatory or surveillance function; antibodies produced against certain streptococcal antigens during infection may cross-react with myocardial tissue, causing rheumatic heart disease, or with glomerular basement membrane, causing glomerulonephritis; and normal body proteins may be converted to auto-antigens by chemicals, infectious organisms, or therapeutic drugs.

They target various proteins that influence cell activity such as receptors or other proteins present on the surface of normal and cancer cells.

The specificity of Monoclonal Antibodies allows it’s binding to cancerous cells by coupling a cytotoxic agent such as a strong radioactive which then seeks out to destroy the cancer cells while not harming the healthy ones.

Track 1: Autoimmune Antibodies Autoantibody is an antibody (a type of protein) produced by the immune system that is directed against one or more of the individual's own proteins.

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