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Netizens claimed the photos from the end-of-the-year event show that V is unable to take his eyes off his “girlfriend.” Many K-pop fans, especially those who are A. Ultimately, we do not know if Joy and V are dating or not.

Korean celebrities are often times private with their relationships so it is possible they are dating and keeping it on the down-low, but until it is confirmed, we can only take it as is.

he said that he was supporting both RV and BTS or something like that.

V dating celebrity couples that are dating

even on Show Champion, they danced to Ice Cream Cake.

Sungjae and V are friends but they aren't that close but even though they are jusst acting on WGM, V got jealous a lot.

From what is going around among K-pop communities and chat circles, the belief that Joy of Red Velvet and V of BTS dating stems back to one particular moment during the 2016 MBC Music Festival. (official fan club of BTS) and Red Velvet fans (they do not have an official fan club name yet) dismissed the netizens’ claims in which they say V was staring at the master of ceremonies.

According to , V is seen “staring intensely” numerous times at Joy. Also, they cited the Korean tabloids fabricating such relationship rumors between the two in the past and they were not true.

ㄴ Thats why foreign fans started to notice and the rumor of them dating spread around.

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