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Avid lives in a flat in London, with his dead mother, who he keeps in the cupboard, and Craig Phillips, winner of the first series of Big Brother, who he keeps chained up in the toilet.

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For the second series, each episode segment follows him on his nationwide UK tour, in which he meets Michael Jackson, goes dating, goes for a walk, meets the real Craig David, and performs in front of a live audience.

In the third series, he attempts to break America again, unsuccessfully.

The segment followed his nine weeks of being in jail (the real Michael Jackson was due to face trial at the time) with his comedy hero Ronnay Barkay. in the USA, appearing in a renewed version of "Michael Jackass".

The character featured in his own special, Chamone Mo Fo Selecta, following his real-life death in 2009.

David Blaine is portrayed as a sex-obsessed street magician.