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But scholars also debate whether partisans actually believe the misinformation and how many are knowingly giving the wrong answer to support their partisan team (a process called expressive responding).Our survey question about which photo shows the larger crowd is that an incorrect response to this question could really only arise from that second process.If there were no political controversy, any respondent who took the time to look at the photographs would see more people in the image on the right than the one on the left.

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On the other hand, the Trump administration already accuses others of producing “fake news,” and instead offers its own (false) “alternative facts.” If a significant portion of Trump supporters are willing to champion obvious fabrications, challenging fabrications with facts will be difficult.

Arcan, un an après son suicide, parmi lesquels : La robe, L'enfant dans le miroir et La honte, ainsi que deux textes non fictionnels : une réflexion sur le speed-dating et une chronique publiée en 2004, intitulée Se tuer peut nuire à la santé. I don't recommend reading Nelly Arcan while you're still recovering from an unsettling read. Her prose is often beautiful at first glance; read the sentence over again, and you realize it's entirely coated in blood and pus-- impossible to get to the beauty.

In both cases, people who said that they had voted for Trump in 2016 were significantly more likely to answer the questions wrong than those who voted for Clinton or those who said they did not vote at all.

For the question about which image went with which inauguration, 41 percent of Trump supporters gave the wrong answer; that’s significantly more than the wrong answers given by 8 percent of Clinton voters and 21 percent of those who did not vote.

[Donald Trump will probably be the most ridiculed president ever] A significant portion of Trump supporters were willing to go quite far.