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Attending a gymnasium (college preparatory school) in the Netherlands, she also mastered English, German and French, plus classical Latin and Greek, while maintaining her command of Russian and Ukrainian.She had the best grade for Latin and scored eight out of 10 for Dutch.Victoria Koblenko was born and raised in Ukraine as an only child.

Production of the TV film "Van God Los" started March 2011. The film is directed by David Lammers for the BNN network.

In 2012 another drama series voor BNN, "FEUTEN" has been filmed.

Settling down in a faraway Western European country with an entirely different atmosphere, culture and language was a formative experience in her life and very much served to broaden her horizons.

Koblenko adapted swiftly to life in her newly adopted country, learning to speak fluent Dutch.

Koblenko has been working to raise awareness for the Millennium Development Goals.

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