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FTP the following files and folders (and their subfolders) to the xbox.A good place is either E:\Apps\XBMC or F:\Apps\XBMC.Suffice to say flashing your mod-chip with an incorrectly sized bios will render your mod-chip unless you have a multiple bank chip and/or an external programmer.

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Edit your bios with XBTool (or EVTool if using an Evo X M8 bios.) to start XBMC's instead of a xbe from C:\ on boot.

Note you will not be able to use this method if you intend to persist with an X2 4983bios as neither XBTool nor EVTool support it.

This requires your Xbox to be networked to your computer. In a typical network, one end of an Ethernet cable is plugged into this port while the other end is plugged into an Internet router.

Another Ethernet cable runs between the router and your computer.

There are at least three different ways to install XBMC as a dashboard.