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Intel announced the official name of the processor, Itanium, on October 4, 1999.Recognizing that the lack of software could be a serious problem for the future, Intel made thousands of these early systems available to independent software vendors (ISVs) to stimulate development.

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In order to establish what was their first new ISA in 20 years and bring an entirely new product line to market, Intel made a massive investment in product definition, design, software development tools, OS, software industry partnerships, and marketing.

To support this effort Intel created the largest design team in their history and a new marketing and industry enabling team completely separate from x86.

During this time, HP had begun to believe that it was no longer cost-effective for individual enterprise systems companies such as itself to develop proprietary microprocessors.

Intel had also been researching several architectural options for going beyond the x86 ISA to address high end enterprise server and high performance computing (HPC) requirements.

As of 2008 In 1989, HP began to become concerned that reduced instruction set computing (RISC) architectures were approaching a processing limit at one instruction per cycle.