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Return to top An act of 1862 permitted any immigrant twenty-one years of age or older who had been honorably discharged from the United States military, and could prove one year’s residence, to petition for citizenship. This act applied to veterans of the Civil War, Mexican War, Indian Wars, and the Spanish American War.In 1894 the act was extended to Sailors who had served five years in the Navy or one enlistment in the Marines, due to the difficulty in proving residency.A woman automatically became a citizen either upon marriage to a citizen or upon naturalization of the husband and was not required to file separately until 1922.

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Return to top In the nineteenth century and most of the twentieth century, naturalization was a three step process.

First, one declared intention to naturalize, then petitioned for naturalization, and lastly, received a certificate or a court order granting citizenship.

In Indiana, one could purchase land, own a business, and vote with a declaration of intention.

Final Papers After 1907, the federal government required state/local courts to issue standardized certificates of citizenship, to send duplicate copies of the certificates to the federal government, and to retain a certificate stub for their own court records.

On January 1, 2017, the review process for disposal notices (NA 13001 or equivalent) was revised.