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UEFI Boot Mode is essentially a "classic" installation of Clover bootloader.

Choose this option if you're planning to install El Capitan onto a computer whose motherboard uses UEFI instead of BIOS (a.k.a. Meanwhile, if the computer's motherboard still uses BIOS, you'll probably want to choose Legacy Boot Mode instead-- this installs a setup of Clover that has been modified for increased compatibility with older computers.

For El Capitan, however, we'll be using the new Clover bootloader (more on that later), which doesn't work with the MBR partition scheme. You will have to choose between two bootloader options: UEFI Boot Mode, and Legacy Boot Mode.

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Also, after installing Mac OS X, you may have to sync your clock on Windows with Mac OS X.

Essentially, the BIOS (or UEFI) is the settings page for your computer's motherboard.

From here, you can fiddle with how your computer hardware works-- it's often necessary to change a few basic settings in the BIOS or UEFI to get Mac OS X up and running.

The BIOS standard is generally used by motherboards from before 2012, while the UEFI standard is used by motherboards made after that.

To fix this problem, click on "Utilities" in the screen's top menu bar, and open up the Disk Utility app.