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z6xftj6v3mwvjf9I've already mentioned this in the main PTR update thread but just to point out that my computer too has the latest graphics driver i can get now and still the same error appears do to with initializing opengl I hope someone from Blizzard can give us an answer to what is going on or what we can do to get around this.I've tried the live chat but they kept telling me to come here since they barely have any information for this PTR. Use this software to check the status of Open GL Paste some pics pls?preventing a GPU reset affecting any other running applications).

Windows 95 (OSR2), Windows 98, Windows 98SE, Windows NT, Windows 2000 and Windows ME users can obtain Open GL drivers by any of the below methods.

Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000 are included with Open GL v1.1 libraries, but if Open GL drivers are needed for a software game you must obtain the Open GL drivers by following the above instructions.

Meanwhile on the Web GL front, Khronos is happy to report that Web GL support is nearing ubiquity.

The web-friendly/web-safe version of Open GL has been complete for a while now, but it has taken some time for browser developers to implement support for it in to all of the major browsers.

The bulk of these changes have to deal with API alignment, with Khronos making changes to better align Open GL with Open GL ES, Web GL, and Direct3D 11.