Updating moodle

Keep in mind that other factors may impact this performance such as hardware specs and network speed.

Please refer to this number as just a rough example.

Panopto has released a major upgrade as of Panopto Moodle Block (2017061000).

updating moodle-13

Please see below under ' Rollback of upgrade' for more information on how to actually complete this process.‚Äč 4.1.

Go to your Panopto site and change the Moodle identity provider setting as ' Plug-in generation 2' (See Figure 1). Go to your Moodle instance and upgrade the Panopto plugin as normal from the Moodle UI.

Data migration associated with this version update needs to be initiated by the Moodle administrator from its UI.

After Moodlerooms notifies you that the version update completes, please follow this instruction.

We recommend pre-scheduling for this downtime while the work is conducted.