Updating init ora

Back in the old days, many of the initialization parameters were not dynamically modifiable.If you wanted to use a different set of parameters for weekend batch processing compared to online use during the week, the DBA would have two parameter files -- two INIT. Now the DBA could not name them the same if they were in the same directory.

updating init ora-84

The location of the server parameter file is displayed on top of the page.

In the "old days," Oracle kept its parameters in a text file.

One can only use the above option with SPFILE's if the PFILE you point to (in the example above), contains a single 'SPFILE=' parameter pointing to the SPFILE that should be used.

Example: While a PFILE can be edited with any text editor, the SPFILE is a binary file.

This is the default behaviour if a PFILE was used at STARTUP.

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