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Favicons DELETE FROM favicons WHERE id IN ( SELECT icon_id FROM icon_mapping WHERE page_url LIKE '%localhost:%' ); DELETE FROM favicon_bitmaps WHERE icon_id IN ( SELECT icon_id FROM icon_mapping WHERE page_url LIKE '%localhost:%' ); DELETE FROM icon_mapping WHERE page_url LIKE '%localhost:%' ; Actually all you need is to browse to com/and you will see the cached old icon, click refresh (ctrl R) or (ctrl F5) and you will see the new one. Testresults: In all likelihood the 'Favicons' file located in "C:\Users(User name)\App Data\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default" will show a file size much lower (~20-30k) than the one you saved into the exported file folder. Just remember to check the file size of the default 'Favicons' file every once in awhile, especially after adding new bookmarked webpages. For ease of recovering future lost icons add these two file locations to the Windows explorer's Favorites bar: a) 'Chrome bookmarks' b) "C:\Users(User name)\App Data\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default" PS in future use a browser history cleaner utility i.e. Avoid using chrome's History cleaning feature Looked through suggestions to change “stuck” favicons in my bookmarks bar.

To resolve the missing icon problem: copy/paste the two saved 'Favicons' files from the new folder (see 4. Then just copy the larger size default file to your 'Chrome bookmarks folder'. I took the easy way out and installed the extension Bookmark Favicon Changer.

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The first step in updating your website's favicon is to jump into the website builder then select the section. The only portion you need to pay attention to is shown in the screenshot below. If you do not see this line of code, enter it between the two tags that make up your meta/head section.

If your quick URL is not the same as the one shown in the screenshot above, paste your version between the two quotation marks after the href.

above) to "C:\Users(User name)\App Data\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default". It took me 5 minutes to fix the problem that had been bugging me for months – and that’s including deleting the extension after use!

I solved this on my machine going into chrome config data and deleting a file called "Local State". On Linux this file lives at: /home/(User name)/.config/google-chrome/ I think on windows this is C:\Users(User name)\App Data\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\ (at least on my Windows 7 box it is).

Can't find the folder in which to place the favicon, using the online Joomla. Hello Slanter, Apologies for the confusion with the instructions above. We can't give you an exact location because we don't know what theme you're using or where you may have installed Joomla.