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Hold down the HOME BUTTON (that circle button on the front bottom) and the POWER switch (TOP of device, right hand side). * HUGE Buttons, so you don't accidentally hit the wrong button.

When an App wants more memory and there is none left, it just closes out. Rebooting your device will clear out all open apps, and leave a TON of memory available for your app! * The game will display that card and will VERIFY if its a BINGO!

If you’ve been waiting for the final version of i OS 11 to arrive, then today’s your lucky day.

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The Moto G5S is an affordable dual rear camera phone and while the output isn't perfect, it is fun to get creative with the depth enabled mode.

The rest of the phone has all of the great Moto software enhancements with a fairly stock Android experience.

We now generate free daily (actually every 4 hours) Sudoku PDF for you to print out and enjoy. Settings- Yatzy Addict is now on Android Devices Yatzy Addict - Google Play Ive been saying this for a while about how we are creating a new system for Farkle Addict and Yatzy Addict! So tell all your Android friends to download the Android version. Please report any bugs you find, missing features, etc. But not all family members own an i Phone or i Pod Touch. You can play Bingo using the old fashion PAPER method!

Grandma was visiting, and she loves to play Sudoku. I want to get the Android versions super rock solid --rob Wow!!! Which basically killed network multiplayer for a lot of us. Bingo Classic will print out MILLIONS of unique Bingo Cards!

1) Open the App Store app 2) Click on UPDATEs in the bottom row 3) click on UPDATE ALL Still having issues, just email me! Turn the device back on by pressing and HOLDING down the POWER switch (TOP of device, right hand side) for 3 seconds. if you didnt see the APPLE logo, you probably didnt shut it down completely. * If someone calls Bingo, Click "VERIFY BINGO" and enter this serial number. * If you do not see your favorite Bingo Pattern, let us know and we will add it!