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Estrato 6 is considered a wealthy area for Colombians and estrato 5 is an upper middle class area.While estratos 3 and 4 are considered Colombian middle class areas. Residents in estatos 5 and 6 pay more for utilities to help subsidize lower utility rates in estratos 1 and 2.

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Also 95 percent of all the estrato 6 homes located in Medellín are located in El Poblado.

The average estrato of all homes in El Pobaldo is 5.6.

El Poblado is the most popular of the Medellín neighborhoods for foreigners.

It is a comfortable place to live with all the shopping malls, nightlife and restaurants nearby.

In the Medellín metro area only 3.4% of homes are ranked as estrato 6 and 7.2% of homes are ranked as estrato 5.