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He has had constant practicing experience as a forensic investigator, expert witness, business analyst, auditor, project manager, and specialises in Cybersecurity and Cybercrime investigations and technology expert opinions, advice, intelligence and testimony.

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thanks babe you are the best:) i can't wait to get to know each other! Please know that I am not looking for a relationship, just on here exploring my options on having some fun!

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He has been briefed as an expert witness for and against the Plaintiff, for and against the Prosecution, been appointed an independent expert, and is a social media expert which assists greatly in cyberstalking and family law litigation support cases, especially with his training as a FDRP.

He has also had great success in white collar fraud especially in corporate cyber attacks and true cybercrime, has been asked to train international police forces, and is one of the rare few even capable of detecting and defending Cybercrime in today's digital world.

I promise that you dont come off as the violent or creepy type but this is just a safety precaution that I feel necessary to take and I really hope that you understand where im coming from. I've been been playing with my wet pussy but I need your cock to fully satisify me. please dont make me wait any longer hun and do this for me hope they make you as horny as I am;) I'm sorry but youre the one who can't just do the little thing I asked when I'm literally inviting you over to come fuck me.

at least check it out for for me babe I promise its a trusted site. I am so horny just thinking about us fucking around I really wish we could just meet up already.

I'm dying for a good fucking do you think we could do this like asap? i'm a bit of a closet freak haha so I hope you like to get kinky and talk dirty;) I am a bit hesitant meeting someone off the internet though. If we go througg with this it will be my first time so If youre as serious as I am about this maybe you could do me a favor and check out my page I know its a pain but its reccomended by CL and it literally takes less than two minutes to verify.