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Many couples claim the intimacy reaches spiritual dimensions as “two become one flesh”.’ Nicole Bailey, author of Pocket Erotic, says ‘NO’ ‘Sex is about so much more than a fast-track route to orgasm. As one ancient erotic author wrote: “The things that develop love for the moment of coitus are the playful frolics practised in advance.

Believe me, kisses, nibblings, sucking of lips and close-clasping of breasts are the things that ensure durable affection.” Playing around Foreplay lovers should try Durex’s new Pina Colada lube, £3.99 for 50ml.

Sometimes you have just a few minutes for a quickie; on another occasions, you might have a whole evening. It’s nice to go for a meal and get dressed up – it’s part of the foreplay for me anyway.’ Rich, 24, journalist ‘Foreplay is as important as sex and should last as long as the intercourse itself.

I think the whole process would ideally be around 45min – that’s a good job.’ Alice, 23, student ‘To be honest with you, I find intercourse quite dull if it lasts more than five minutes – I tend to get bored quite easily.’ Helen, 24, student ‘Depending on what you’re doing and who you’re doing it with, foreplay could last for hours.

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