Trey songz and lola monroe dating

@ TRINIGAL78 Ain't nobody comparing personalities hun, the comparison is music! dindt u say when u were growin up all u listened to was r.kelly so shut ur ignorant ass up becuz homie u aint nuthin special.. Take your hating ass somewhere and STOP dick eating. Kelly was whack and that the music from back in the day was the shit. Kelly now so hop off and give props where props are due. Especially since he loves camel so much who loves to rock fellas. Not Jay-Z, Beyonce, or anyone else at the top of their game right now. Kelly has sampled from, borrowed, and used a lot of old school R&B singers swagger. I could go on and on, but the whole discussion of who's jacking who is completley irrelevant. The point is, Trey, like others have said, needs to show a modicum of respect for the singers that went before him. Now personally, I don't care for Trey becasue I think he's extremely lame. Personally, I try not to support artist with suspect personal lives. I said usher music NOW is whack that's what I said he's washed up(which is truth)so what the fuck are you talking about?

" Songz told the magazine, which hits newsstands April 13 "R. He went in on R on his recent mixtape about R using auto-tune these days. Kelly clapped back saying Trey needs to "be very careful." Just because you are arguably "heir" to the throne Trey doesn't mean you're chillin' in that seat with a crown on your head just yet homie. I am not discrediting that Trey is a good singer, however, facts are facts dude. v=J-VR2cg F7QE&feature=player_embedded @ Yeah Babe Well it's very obvious just by your comments and interaction with the other posters on this thread that you know little, if anything, about respect, so your opinion on who deserves respect is totally invalid. You can be dumb, deaf, mute and blind to music and still see that ok now i def dont like him.. but was it not trey who said he admired and was inspired by r.kelly back in the day.. These are the same COONS that hate on Beyonce, Jay-Z and other people but as soon as someone likes Trey Songz people wanna get mad? He's quite sensitive and bitchy...i'm starting to believe those gay rumors. Trey talking out the side of his mouth only alienates potential fans. Kelly because I can't reconcile the strength of his music with his lifestyle. First of all, I NEVER said Usher didn't have any talent.

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