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“I said you work out, so now he knows you’re into your body,” adds Stanger.

“That’s all they care about, so now you’re done.” Litt is hopeful — and promises to give status updates to The News in the coming months. “Million Dollar Matchmaker” debuts on WE on Friday at 10 p.m.

“In my industry, working long hours and running into the same faces makes it difficult to meet new people,” Litt says.

Don’t be turned off by going online: The third-generation matchmaker has an advantage that her mother and grandmother, both shadchonim (Jewish matchmakers), never had.

Viacom exec Sumner Redstone splits with younger girlfriend And, boy, is that love tough. “The first thing I would say to any girl her age is freeze your eggs, take some of the pressure off.” Think in dollars and sense: It’s also time to put to her money where her mouth is — if she wants to get kissed.