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This is less traumatic for the shot and helps with recoil. I think with that tight of a barrel more lead is just a waste. My money is on the 682 especially if it is an older 682. Also, the original poster specified a 682 Greystone. The White Onyx has the exact same barrels as the new Gold E. And more especially if you like a lighter, faster handling gun with the Optima system. Having said that I would stress that the older mobilchoked barrels break targets like nobodys business and were built for high volume shooting.

There is a good difference between the 682 and the 682E. The chekering on the stock is hand cut in the traditional style. Maybe someone with a 682E with chime in on this too. This is NOT a Gold E but an older, mobil choke gun. I wouldn't discount it for being used or mobilchoked.

The only mechanical difference between it and a 682 are replaceable recoil shoulders and a length adjustable trigger blade. The 686 will go at least 50K before it needs to be tightened and when it does, it's easy and cheap.

Search on this site and you'll find a ton of other threads on the differences between these two guns.

Can get either 30" or 32" barrels, but leaning to 30" as I will be shooting a fair bit of skeet. $1700 for a used 682 in good condition is a good price. You can shoot it for a couple of years and sell it for $1700.