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It is making me totaly crasy, She calls him for every little stupid thing, | dont know how long I will be able to take it for.

I realy shouldn t be mad at her because deep down I know if he only had the guts to put his foot down it would stop. He justifibly feels our relationship is none of her business but she is OBSESSED!! My boyfriend and his ex dont have any kids together,the **** started calling an e mailing and texting about 7 months ago,saying she still loved him and made a mistake,didnt mean to sleep with all those man huh,and his talking to her and texting her,i had enough and left and he cried like a baby,begging me to come back,found out it was still going on left again,i have moved out at least 7 times,the final straw,he bought a motor cycle,friends calling me told me to check out myspace,she had been posting all kind of stuff alot of bad stuff about me,never meet her,and talking about going to lunch with him and the kicker took her for a ride on his bike,and his like thats all we did,really,and some of the stuff shes posting,how would she know unless his telling her,just sick of it all,3 years down the drain,after all she did,i just dont get it.

Dumb, insecure, controlling, vindictive, useless witch that needs to find a hobby. Y'all my BF has been divorced from a cheating exwife of 15 yrs they have one son.

Girls - you just need to remember - HE'S NOT WITH HER FOR A REASON!!! She manipulates, she doesn't want him, but she doesn't want to lose him. He has asked me to marry him when his son graduates next year, thing is, I don't think I can hack it that long. They are clearly friends, but he allows her control over things...she goes to a game and takes her he doesn't come find me etc nothing it hurts. I am divorced from a abuser and was married's crazy I stayed with the abuser years and I should ride this out and see if I score after graduation, but I want to see him stand up.

I am feeling of late like quitting....2yrs and engaged.