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Another important point is that the elderly proportion of Japan started as the the lowest place among the three countries, at about 5%, but after fluctuating slightly until the beginning of 21st century, the pattern is reserved.

There are 3 consecutive climb with difference degree, especially in the second one, the percentage of elderly citizen of Japan skyrocket suddenly from 10% to 25% in only about 2 years, exceeding the percentage of the elderly generation in the USA and Sweden for only 1 year and reaching to 2040 by a considerable increase to about 27% Generally your answer is good so you don't have to worry much as you know how to tackle a line graph.

But the rate in Japan decreased slightly over the same period.

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Afterwhich, the percentage then leapt to about five times greater than the number in 1940 and Japan is projected to have at least 27% of their total population as retirees by 2040.

In a nutshell, the ageing population gradually rose on all three countries and they will comprise more or less a quarter of the total population by 2040.

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