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Ask for Redress if You Do Miss a Payment Inevitably, you’ll err. Some cards give you a little latitude in their terms and conditions.For instance, the Citi Double Cash and Discover It cards won’t charge you a late fee on your first missed payments.Generally speaking you can change your due date simply by going to your issuer’s website.

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Go to to order your reports gratis, and make sure to contact the bureaus if you spot errors.

An appropriate sense of your creditworthiness will help when you apply.

Do what you have to do to stay current, whether that means setting up automatic payments, a Google Calendar alert or paste yellow sticky notes all over your office.

Do Pick Your Credit Card Due Dates If you still have trouble remembering, you can always pick a payment date that sticks in your head.

The selling point of the American Express Blue Cash Preferred, for instance, is 6% cash back on groceries up to the first $6,000 spent, which roughly dovetails with what those in the upper middle class dole out in a year.