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The start of a new year often brings high hopes for many–whether it’s working out, eating healthy, answering emails, getting organized or being a better communicator, we all have something in common–we want to improve.

One thing that’s on many improvement lists is love. Expanding your social circle will increase your chances of finding that special person.3. Prepare your space with the intent that you’re getting it ready to entertain a potential partner.

Written from the perspective of a domestic violence counselor, the book is advised by years’ worth of conversations with women who made terrible choices in their relationships.

It’s easy to understand, full of good advice, and extremely helpful for all women, not just the ones who’ve had nothing but poor relationships.

The only caveat is, the book pushes you into making list of non-negotiables, which is currently falling out of favor in the dating world. If the “Mars & Venus” analogy sounds familiar, it’s because John Gray, author of this book, wrote the original , mentioned above.