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Episode 18, “Love Bites”: You’d think after six seasons that these two would know that nothing good for them happens at school dances.

However, now they are attending as chaperones for Joey’s professor’s daughter Harley (Mika Boorem) and her delinquent boyfriend Patrick (Taylor Handley, who would later go on to play Oliver — yes that Oliver — on “The O. Pacey proves his charm by teaching Patrick how to be a gentleman, and Joey rewards him by dumping him on the dance floor because she has to see how the Eddie thing pans out.

It’s while visiting Jen in her last days that Joey realizes she’s always known who she’ll end up with between Pacey and Dawson.

Of course, the audience doesn’t find out until the final few moments of the show.

But The WB hit quickly subverted expectations, showing that the person the show is named after isn’t always part of the obvious end game OTP — instead, that honor belonged to Joey (Katie Holmes) and Pacey (Joshua Jackson).